About Me

Having recently made the commute from Australia, excited to now call London home! My name is Taygan Rifat, and I work for Microsoft as a Partner Technology Strategist. While I have worked in the analytics space for the last 10 years I am currently deeply passionate about how the cloud can be used to build and foster innovation. My working career spans across a multitude of industries and technologies, working side-by-side with customers to derive business value. 

I have presented at several events across Australia and New Zealand sharing thought-provoking technical demonstrations, illustrating the art of the possible, different ways of working and more. While an evangelist for delivering data solutions through visualisation best practices and delightful user experiences, I am also a technologist at heart, keeping in touch with the ever-shifting technology and analytics landscape.  

Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed throughout this site are my own and do not necessarily state or reflect those of Microsoft.


Tame the BI Tools Jungle
Mastering Business Analytics - Melbourne, Australia | October 2015

Despite SAP’s convergence strategy in a concerted effort to “run simple”, many customers are left grappling with the challenge of choosing the right tools for the right information need. With a constantly evolving toolset, it can become increasingly difficult to see between the marketing hype and what actually makes sense for your environment. In Tame the BI Tools Jungle, I walk through example strategies on how we can maximize value out of our existing BI investments.

Path to BI Value: Paving the way with User Adoption
SAP BI Specialist Interest Group - Wellington & Auckland, New Zealand | April 2015
Mastering Business Analytics - Melbourne, Australia | October 2014

User uptake is key to BI return on investment. However, there are several factors which affect adoption rates. The Path to BI Value: Paving the way with User Adoption shares AGL's story on how we were able to build interest in our biggest critics by demonstrating the art of the possible, converting interest into adoption and ensuring repeated successes to sustain growth.